Sony Announces 17 Next Generation Sony Bravia Professional Displays With Integrated Tuners

Sony has introduced the next generation of 8K, 4K and integrated tuner Professional Displays with 17 cutting-edge models joining the existing range. Combining enhancements across picture, design, performance and functionality to provide scalable solutions across business, education and retail applications.

All new models feature faster processing speeds with improved user interfaces for optimised Android 9 support, as well as newly integrated Apple AirPlay* and the latest Sony X1 processor. All displays now offer further enhanced picture quality with higher brightness and contrast and a new design adding a beautiful touch to any space. AV managers can also benefit from improved security and updates to the Professional Mode menu to customise displays with simplicity and speed.

“Our next generation of Sony BRAVIA Professional Displays benefit from the latest functionality and service updates, to continually provide corporate and education customers with the very best in picture quality, innovative design and professional services,” explained Thomas Issa, Corporate Solutions Marketing Manager at Sony Professional Solutions Europe. ‘‘As one of the leading providers of professional displays, our goal is to deliver long lasting products with the highest quality and security, all with assured simplicity and peace of mind.’’

All BRAVIA Professional Displays additionally benefit from native* compatibility with the Sony TEOS solutions, for advanced workplace management that features built-in functionalities such as signage, mirroring, wayfinding, meeting room management and much more. In addition, BRAVIA Professional Displays are also natively compatible with multiple partners, including Cisco, Crestron, Extron, Kramer, Logitech and Control 4. Other built-in functionalities include a media player, meeting room interface* and Android applications store*. Sony’s industry-leading PrimeSupport 3-year warranty and advanced replacement service is also provided with its BRAVIA Displays, as standard.

The latest models from Sony include:

  • A8 – Stunning 4K OLED displays available in 55 and 65 inches with Android 9, powered by the X1 Ultimate processor that produces incredibly detailed and sharp images. Featuring the full range of Sony professional built-in solutions, with a beautiful slim-line slate design. Available to purchase from mid-May.
  • XH8 – Mid-range displays featuring 4K HDR resolution, available in 43 and 49 inches with EDGE LED and, 55, 65, 75 and 85 inches with Direct LED. Featuring Android 9, powered by the Sony X1 HDR processor, making processing speeds even faster and enhancing colour contrast and clarity. Providing 16GB of storage. Available to purchase from mid-May.
  • XH7 – Entry-level displays featuring 4K Linux resolution, available in 43, 49, 55 and 65 inches with Edge LED and 4GB of storage, alongside 3 HDMI ports. Featuring a built-in media player. Available to purchase from mid-May.
  • ZH8 – Premium 8K displays available in 75 and 85 inches with 16GB storage and Android 9.0 support. Powered by the X1 Ultimate processor that detects hundreds of objects to enhance brightness, detail and colour. These beautiful ZH8 displays feature a premium aluminum bezel to match your environment. Available to purchase from June.
  • XH9 – Innovative 4K displays available in 55, 65 and 75 inches with Direct Full Array LED and Android 9.0 support. Powered by the X1 Ultimate processor with High Dynamic Range (HDR). Featuring the full capability of built-in professional solutions including Sony Meeting-Room, Smart Automation System, Media Player and Android Applications Store. Available to purchase from June.

*Except on the XH7

The latest range of Sony BRAVIA Professional Displays joins the full line-up, as follows:

8K OLED Premium
ZH8 series

ZG9 series

AG8 series

AG9 series

FWD-75Z8H/T 75? FWD-98Z9G/T 98? FWD-55A8/T 55? FWD-55AG9/T 55?
FWD-85Z8H/T 85? FWD-65A8/T 65? FWD-65AG9/T 65?
FWD-77AG9/T 77?
XH9 series

BZ35F series (no tuner)

XH8 Series XH7 series
FWD-55X95H/T 55? / 4K FW-43BZ35F 43? / 4K FWD-43X80H/T 43? / 4K FWD-43X70H/T 43? / 4K
FWD-65X95H/T 65? / 4K FW-49BZ35F 49? / 4K FWD-49X80H/T 49? / 4K FWD-49X70H/T 49? / 4K
FWD-75X95H/T 75? / 4K FW-55BZ35F 55? / 4K FWD-55X80H/T 55? / 4K FWD-55X70H/T 55? / 4K
FW-65BZ35F 65? / 4K FWD-65X80H/T 65? / 4K FWD-65X70H/T 65? / 4K
FW-75BZ35F 75? / 4K FWD-75X80H/T 75? / 4K
FW-85BZ35F 85? / 4K FWD-85X80H/T 85? / 4K
WE6 series (Non-Android)

WF6 series (Non-Android)
FWD-32WE615/T 32? / HD Ready FWD-43W66F/T 43? / FHD
FWD-50W66F/T 50? / FHD