Sony Looking to Double OLED Supply


Business Korea reports that Sony has been enjoying great demand for its OLED TVs and the paper said that as a result, the company has asked LG to double its OLED TV shipments. The report claims that Sony will receive 300,000 OLEDs from LG this year, but wants to double it and will get 600,000 per year from 2019 when LG Display should have more capacity and Sony is considering whether to make an investment to assist LG Display to boost its output.

100,000 panels are said to have been shipped in the first half of the year and would like to get 100,000 per quarter going forward.

Analyst Comment

At IFA this week, every TV brand press event except those from Samsung and Sharp (who don’t sell OLED) absolutely focused on OLED as the flagship product in the range. It was definitely ‘the OLED show’. (BR)