Sony launches 20 new BRAVIA Professional Displays with TV Tuner and Android 8.0 support


Sony has announced its latest line-up of BRAVIA Professional Displays, including its first-ever 8K model. The new range consists of 20 different displays, which combine exceptional picture quality and design with advanced professional features to meet the AV needs of modern organisations.

The introduction of these new models expands the breadth of Sony’s offer and further cements its leading position in innovative display technologies.

All new models feature a built-in TV Tuner with 18-hour operability and support Android 8.0*, which speeds up the installation process for third-party APK files and includes an app auto-launch feature. This provides AV managers with more options to customise each display and reduce the set-up time for end users by having applications (such as a conference call software) launch automatically as soon as the display is switched on. Furthermore, the new remote firmware update function allows AV managers to centrally push software updates onto each display via IP. The existing range of Sony BZ BRAVIA Professional Displays will also be compatible with Android 8.0 via a software update later this year.

“Our range of BRAVIA Professional Displays has always stood for exceptional picture quality, state-of-the-art design and innovative professional solutions – and this year’s line-up is no different,” explained Thomas Issa, Corporate & Education Solutions Manager at Sony Professional Solutions Europe. “Our extensive new offering – ranging from entry-level to high-end models – gives corporate, education and retail organisations unprecedented choice to find a display that meets their unique AV requirements and budget, without having to compromise on quality or functionality.”

The new flagship models from Sony are:

  • ZG9 – the first-ever Sony 8K BRAVIA Professional Display, representing the next generation of imaging technology. It is available in both 85 and 98 inches, and offers superior picture quality without compromise, including exceptional detail, colour and contrast with High Dynamic Range (HDR). The ZG9 is powered by the custom-built X1 Ultimate chip, engineered specifically for processing 4K and 8K images. The chip features a dynamic contrast enhancer, Super Bit Mapping HDR and Precision Colour Mapping with the ability to automatically detect hundreds of objects and enhance their quality.
  • XG80/XG85 – the XG8 series of high spec professional displays offer incredible 4K HDR image quality and includes advanced professional features like quick set-up with Pro Mode, one-step setting for signage and meeting rooms, and open API support. The XG8 displays come in 6 different sizes, ranging from 43 to 85 inches.
  • AG8/9 – these stunning, state-of-the-art OLED-based AG8/9 professional displays produce incredibly vivid and sharp visuals, alongside a range of built-in professional solutions, including smart automation system, media player and meeting-room interface.

All BRAVIA Professional Displays offer integration with the TEOS Manage advanced workplace management solution, as well as TDM’s Digital Signage solution, which makes it quick and easy to create signage and push it straight onto the BRAVIA Professional Displays via the cloud. Additionally, all flagship models also provide integrations with TEOS Connect, which fosters greater collaboration by allowing end-users to seamlessly and simultaneously share content from their laptops directly onto any BRAVIA Professional Display.

Sony BRAVIA Professional Displays are the market leader in terms of energy consumption, not only offering organisations a sustainable and environment-friendly solution but also the best-possible efficiency rates that translate into huge operational cost savings, without sacrificing on features. Additionally, all models come with an industry-leading 3-year warranty and advanced replacement service.

The new models are:

XG80 series

(4K, Android)

XG85 series

(4K, Android)

AG8 series

(OLED, Android)

AG9 series

(OLED, Android)

FWD-43X80G/T FWD-55X85G/T FWD-55A8G/T FWD-55A9G/T
FWD-49X80G/T FWD-65X85G/T FWD-65A8G/T FWD-65A9G/T
FWD-75X85G/T FWD-77A9G/T
ZG9 series

(8K, Android)

XG7 series

(4K, Non-Android)

WD6 series

(HD Ready, Non-Android)

WG6 series

(FHD, Non-Android)

FWD-85Z9G/T FWD-43X70G/T FWD-32WD605/T FWD-43W66G/T
FWD-98Z9G/T FWD-49X70G/T FWD-50W66G/T

*Android 8 will come as standard to all new BRAVIAs, excluding the AG8 and XG80 for which Android 8 will become available later in 2019