Sony and Epson Battle at 4,000+ Lumens

PMA Research has announced the top-selling projectors in the USA in August. The company divides the results into three categories: ‘pico and personal’, ‘mainstream’ and ‘4,000+ lumen’.

Epson had a pair of best-selling 4,000+ lumen models: the Powerlite G6770WU in first place, and Powerlite 1985WU in fourth. Sony also had two projectors in this segment: the VPL-FHZ55/W and VPL-FHZ65/W, in second and fifth places. Optoma filled out the category with the third-place EH501.

InFocus’s ever-popular IN114a and IN112a were in first and second place in the Mainstream category, while Epson filled the other three spots. The Powerlite X27, Brightlink 585Wi and Powerlite 98H came in third, fourth and fifth, respectively.

The final segment is ‘Pico and Personal’ projectors, where Asus’s S1 took the top spot. Aaxa followed with the LED Pico, P300 Pico and P4-X in second, third and fourth place, while LG’s PF1500 came in fifth.