Apple Adds $16 to iPhone BOM

An IHS teardown of the iPhone 6S Plus has revealed that it costs Apple $16 more to build than the earlier iPhone 6 Plus. The bill of materials (BOM) for a 16GB version is $231.50. Basic manufacturing costs raise the total cost to construct the phone to $236. An unsubsidised iPhone 6S is $650, while the unsubsidised 6S Plus costs $750.

IHS believes that the cost of the display (5.5″, 1920 x 1080) and (3D) touch assembly is $52.50

Notable additions to the 6S/6S Plus are 3D Touch and the Taptic engine, which are increasing the per-unit material cost. These features add about $10 to the BOM alone. Other improvements that raise the cost are a harder 7000-series aluminium case; an upgrade to Gorilla Glass 4; new A9 processors (from A8); a CAT 6 wireless modem; and upgraded cameras.