Something Off About the Whole Woe is Apple Thing

by Omid Rahmat

Apple is grappling with the prospect of a fifth consecutive quarter of declining sales, with particular concerns about iPhone sales, especially in China. But, why is that so bad?

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Apple Loses Some Shine With Q3’23 Financial Report

by Joseph Bryans

The company records another consecutive quarter of negative growth reminiscent of more challenging times not experienced since 2001.

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China Clarifies Stance on iPhone Use Among Officials

by Emory Kale

The remarks by the Foreign Ministry have led some observers to infer that while there may not be a formal ban, there could be informal advisories against the use of iPhones for official business.

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The Killer Price of Foldables

by Omid Rahmat

How much of an influence is the fact that Apple hasn’t entered the foldables market, yet?

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