SMPTE Elects New President, Officers and Governors

The So1507a812 a97e 48b2 8a0d 937be53e733ePatrick Griffisciety of Motion Picture and Television Engineers has elected new officers and governors for the 2019-2020 term. Patrick Griffis, VP of Technology in the Office of the CTO at Dolby Laboratories, will take over from current president Matthew Goldman from January 1st 2019. Griffis currently serves as Executive VP and has previously held roles including Education VP, Secretary-Treasurer, and US Western Region Governor.

He will serve a two-year term as president, while Goldman will continue to serve as an officer on the executive committee of the Board of Governors.

Other appointments include Hans Hoffmann, Senior Manager of Media Production Technologies for the European Broadcasting Union’s Technology and Innovation department, who will serve as Executive VP; Sara Kudrle, Product Marketing Manager at Imagine Communications, who will serve as Education VP; and John E. Ferder, Director of Engineering at MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems, who will serve as Secretary-Treasurer.