Sky Q Announces Spotify and HDR for Spring Update

Sky has announced a raft of new features coming to Sky Q this spring. Voice functionality will be extended to provide personalised recommendations and app-specific requests, as part of a more personalised experience throughout the user interface, which includes the use of deeper machine learning and detailed algorithms based on a household’s viewing habits. The sports section will be personalised to reflect consumers’ favourite sports and teams, integrating with the Sky Sports app to ensure that customers always know what’s on and receive the latest relevant news. Alongside the brand-new, widescreen user interface will be a newly designed homepage including users’ most recent recordings and favourite channels, as well as editorially curated selections of box sets, movies and catch-up TV.

The update will also add HDR, though Sky’s announcement did not specify which specific format(s) will be supported. A new ‘kids mode’, integrated with the Sky Kids app, is designed to make Sky Q more fun and interactive for younger audiences, while at the same time providing a safer environment, giving parents peace of mind over what their children can access and watch.

Customers with multiple devices will be able to stream Sky content on the Sky Q app on more devices simultaneously. A Sky Q app will also become available on smart TVs and third-party devices. Lastly, the platform will receive a full-featured Spotify app, allowing both free and paid-for users to stream music through their Sky Q boxes.

Analyst Comment

Sky still infuriated me this week by blocking my access to some soccer this week, because I’m in Spain at the moment. The company has been developing more and more ways of blocking VPNs. I have been through several to stay ahead of Sky, but this week it defeated me, which is infuriating, as I pay for the right to get the content. Bizarrely, I was able to access some of it through my Times subscription. (BR)