subscribe Launches ZTV: Advanced CTV Advertising Solution with Precise Targeting and Competitive Pricing, known for its programmatic advertising and workflow solutions, has introduced ZTV, a new addition to its comprehensive suite of CTV advertising solutions. ZTV offers advanced features that enable targeted CTV advertising at highly competitive rates, with CPMs in the low teens, which is approximately half the industry average CPM of $23 for CTV advertising, according to Guideline.

ZTV provides advertisers with a solution for delivering CTV ads on high-quality inventory by leveraging’s proprietary weighted ZIP code ranking system. Advertisers can optimize their campaigns by targeting ZIP codes that align most closely with their desired audiences. This ranking system uses demographic information from the US Census and TV viewing data obtained through automatic content recognition (ACR) technology.

To enhance campaign performance, ZTV offers granular digital reporting and attribution capabilities. It complements’s existing suite of CTV advertising solutions, which include household addressable targeting using first-party data and custom audiences based on over 3,000 data variables, geo-fencing of locations visited by targeted audiences, behavioral targeting using unstructured search and contextual data, inventory targeting through private marketplaces (PMP) deals and allow lists, and retargeting of audiences who have interacted with an advertiser’s website or physical store.

ZTV brings numerous benefits to various advertising use cases. Local advertisers can now focus their TV ad delivery on specific ZIP codes within their service areas at a lower cost compared to traditional cable zone targeting. Performance advertisers can minimize their cost per acquisition (CPA) or maximize their return on ad spend (ROAS) by utilizing ZTV’s capabilities. Multi-location businesses such as retail, quick-service restaurants (QSRs), franchises, and dealerships operating in specific trade zones and ZIP codes can benefit from ZTV’s granular targeting, enhanced attribution, and reporting insights. National advertisers can effectively compensate for under-delivery of linear TV by targeting ZIP codes that exhibit higher usage of CTV streaming compared to traditional linear TV viewing. Additionally, media companies offering audience extension services can leverage’s CTV solutions in conjunction with their owned and operated linear and CTV solutions.