SID Display Week iZone Extends Deadline

The deadline for applications to Display Week’s innovation Zone (iZone) was extended to March 27th. As committee chair Helge Seetzen explained, the show’s producer, Society for Information Display (SID) is looking to expand the prototype display technology space to some 35 booths. The group is accepting applications on its website and evaluating candidates for suitable prototypes that can be demonstrated during the show on a no fee basis.

Our own Matt Brennesholtz seen trying a Fraunhofer IPMS bidirectional HMD.

The I-Zone offers researchers space to demonstrate their prototypes or other hardware demo units for two days free of charge at the premier display exhibition in North America, and gives attendees a chance to view best-in-class emerging information display technologies in a dedicated area on the show floor. The committee is actively encouraging participation by small companies, startups, universities, government labs, and independent research labs, that often lack the funds to show off new prototypes. iZone will also feature next generation device development from established companies looking for feedback on non commercial shipping devices. The iZone was established in 2013 and its corporate sponsor E-Ink Holdings LLC has kept up the funding since its charter mandate. Companies wanting to apply for a space in the iZone can find all documentation on the SID iZone website.

At Display Week 2015, the I-Zone Committee will select a winner of the “Best I-Zone Prototype at Display Week 2015” award, to be announced on the show floor during Display Week and in the post Display Week issue of Information Display magazine.

Dates were pushed back so filing deadline is now March 27 and candidates will have until April 10 to confirm participation. To apply go to the iZone Application website.

Analyst Comment

The I-Zone is one that always gets a lot of attention from press and analysts, so the offer of a free table is a really good one. How often is such an opportunity given for free in the heart of Silicon Valley? (BR)