Sharp Shares CES TV Prices

Sharp has shared more details about the UltraHD TV lineup that we saw at CES (Sharp Bridges High-Res Gap). As we heard at the event, Sharp will introduce five new screen sizes as its quadruples the size of its UltraHD TV range. In total, there will be seven sizes, from 42.5″ to 80″.

Three new series will be introduced: the UB30 (entry-level, 42.5″, 49.”, 54.5″ and 64.5″); the UE30 (60″, 69.5″ and 80″, with Android TV); and flagship UH30 (69.5″ and 80″, with Spectros and Android TV). All of these will have quad-core processors and support for both HEVC and VP9. The UB30 models feature three (42.5″, 49.5″) and four (54.5″, 64.5″) HDMI ports as well as two USB inputs; the UE30 and UH30 have four HDMI and three USB ports each.

Prices have been revealed for all models. The UB30 TVs will cost $750 (42.5″), $1,000 (49.5″), $1,200 (54.5″) and $2,300 (64.5″). The UE30 models will start at $1,200 (60″), increasing to $2,800 (69.5″) and $5,400 (80″). Finally, the UH30 TVs will cost $3,200 (69.5″) and $6,000 (80″).

Sharp will begin to launch its new TVs in the spring.