Sharp Promotes Quality and Touch Performance

Sharp stared by showing us how its PN-V551 ultranarrow bezel monitor has compensation for brightness uniformity, a technique it calls UCCT (Uniform Colour Consistency Technology). We reported on this Sharp Explains B2B Display Push when the company announced it in London (at Infocomm, Samsung announced something similar). We saw the demo of “before and after” at Infocomm, but it wasn’t so impressive because the “before” was really good!

sharp ucct technologySharp’s UCCT technology – this was said to be “before” – but our photo of the “after” looked identical!

The second display we looked at was an 80″ capacitive touch system which supports up to 10 touches and uses “edge to edge” glass. Three displays can be connected together to form a single surface for collaboration. The display comes with two pens and can support four users with its software. The display will cost $14,795 and will start shipping in August.

In the “value” area was the 70″ PNL703B, an existing product, and a new product the PN-C703B that has an anti-glare coating and is 20% cheaper. It uses infrared technology for touch. The display can share content from notebooks, but also from Chromebooks, and the display is compatible with Google for Education. It is also Skype for Business approved, we heard.

The plan to show a 120″ prototype panel was frustrated by transit damage on the way to the show – but we saw it at CES, so it would not have been new!