Penveu Interactive Display System HDMI Models Are Now Shipping

penveu, an Interphase Corporation (NASDAQ: INPH) business, today announced that the new HDMI® models of the award-winning penveu® interactive display system have started shipping. These models include HDMI input and output in addition to VGA, making it easy to connect to a wide variety of audiovisual equipment and complex audiovisual environments.

The new system version 1.5 being released with the HDMI models provides a variety of feature enhancements and significant improvements to penveu performance. This release also adds support for Chromebook® computers, which are showing rapid growth and adoption in the education market. This system version will be available as a free update for current users of the penveu VGA models. Registered users will be notified.

“This release is a significant step for penveu capabilities from the currently shipping models. It includes hardware, feature and performance improvements and addresses new trends in the deployment of technology in the classroom,” said Yoram Solomon, Ph.D., vice president of corporate strategy and general manager of penveu.

penveu, designed and manufactured in the USA, adds interactivity to projectors and flat panel displays while overcoming issues encountered with other interactive education technology tools. penveu stands above competitive alternatives because users can:

  • Use it from anywhere in the room
  • Use it with existing content
  • Use it with existing projectors, displays, and computer equipment
  • Interact on flat non-reflective surfaces including fabric screens, walls, HDTVs, whiteboards, monitors, etc.
  • Save screen captures easily, including notes
  • Use the pen and mouse features accurately with no calibration required
  • Supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Chrome and Android based systems

The flexibility of penveu creates user-friendly interactivity for better learning in the classroom, and a collaborative atmosphere in the conference room.

Specifications, pricing and purchase options for all penveu models are available at