Seventy Plus 8K TVs Now Certified by the 8K Association

The 8K Association (8KA), the cross-industry group dedicated to promoting the growth of the 8K ecosystem, has revealed that there are now over seventy 8K TVs that have been Certified by the 8KA. This includes nearly 50 newly launched models through the first half of 2021 from 3 of the world’s top TV brands – Hisense, Samsung, and TCL.

These TVs are being offered for sale today, with availability varying by region. A full list is contained below, or visit to see these and other 8K related consumer products.

“The scope of Certified 8K TV models in the market represents a big win for consumers and the 8K Association,” noted 8K Association Executive Director Chris Chinnock. “We designed the certified logo to allow consumers to feel confident in the performance and interface capabilities of 8K TVs, so we are proud that our Certification program, launched less than 2 years ago, is performing so well.”

“As a member of the 8K Association and a leading TV brand, Hisense is thrilled to bring the U800GR, our first 8K television, to the U.S. market this year,” said David Gold, President, Hisense USA. “Alongside growing screen sizes, the prospect of enjoying the best possible picture is intriguing to many consumers. Bringing an 8K option to the U.S. is a step toward broader adoption of 8K, as well as one that’s pushing the entire industry forward.”

“Samsung remains committed to delivering TVs that delight consumers and proud to state that our entire 2021 8K TV line-up meets industry requirements for 8K display performance,” said Dan Schinasi, Product Planning Manager at Samsung Electronics America. “This industry certification and accompanying consumer-facing logo will ensure a high-quality, 8K viewing experience that goes beyond simple resolution requirements.”

“TCL is a founding member and long-time supporter of the 8K Association. As a leading global TV brand and display technology innovator, we believe that 8K resolution delivers more joy to our customers than lower display resolutions,” said Chris Larson, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing with TCL North America. “So together with our partners in the 8K Association, we’re proud to support the 8K Association Certified standard. We’re impressed that so many 8K TVs are now available. And we can’t wait for more of our customers to be able to enjoy the awesome performance of TCL TVs featuring the 8K Association Certified mark – including the powerful new 6-Series 8K.”

HISENSE 65U80G 65?
HISENSE 65U80***** 65?
HISENSE 65Q9 65?
HISENSE 65U9***** 65?
HISENSE 65U900KF 65?
HISENSE 75Q9 75“
HISENSE 75U80G 75“
HISENSE 75U80***** 75“
HISENSE 75U900KF 75“
HISENSE 75U90G 75“
HISENSE 75U800GR+ 75“
HISENSE 75U80+GR+ 75“
HISENSE 75U800GR 75“
HISENSE 85U80G 85?
HISENSE 85U8**** 85?
Samsung 55Q950R 55?
Samsung 55Q900R 55?
Samsung 55Q700T 55?
Samsung 55QN700A 55?
Samsung 55Q800T 55?
Samsung 55QT800 55?
Samsung 65Q800T 65?
Samsung 65Q850T 65?
Samsung 65QT800 65?
Samsung 65Q950R 65?
Samsung 65Q900R 65?
Samsung 65Q900TS 65?
Samsung 65Q950TS 65?
Samsung 65QT950S 65?
Samsung 65Q700T 65?
Samsung 65QN800A 65?
Samsung 65QN850A 65?
Samsung 65QN900A 65?
Samsung 65QN700A 65?
Samsung 75Q800T 75?
Samsung 75Q850T 75?
Samsung 75QT800 75?
Samsung 75Q950R 75?
Samsung 75Q900R 75?
Samsung 75QT950S 75?
Samsung 75Q900TS 75?
Samsung 75Q950TS 75?
Samsung 75Q700T 75?
Samsung 75QN800A 75?
Samsung 75QN850A 75?
Samsung 75QN900A 75?
Samsung 75QN700A 75?
Samsung 82Q800T 82?
Samsung 82Q850T 82?
Samsung 82QT800 82?
Samsung 82Q950R 82?
Samsung 82Q900R 82?
Samsung 85Q950R 85?
Samsung 85Q900R 85?
Samsung 85Q900TS 85?
Samsung 85Q950TS 85?
Samsung 85QT950S 85?
Samsung 85QN800A 85?
Samsung 85QN850A 85?
Samsung 85QN900A 85?
Samsung 98Q950R 98?
Samsung 98Q900R 98?
TCL 65X915 65?
TCL 65R648 65?
TCL 65R648-CA 65?
TCL 75X915 75?
TCL 75R648 75?
TCL 75R648-CA 75?

The Certification Technical Specification includes specifications for 8K Input Parameters (bit depth, frame rate, chroma sub-sampling), Display Performance (resolution, peak brightness, black level, color gamut, white point), and the Interface & Media formats (High Dynamic Range, codec).

  • Resolution: 7680 x 4320 pixels
  • Input Frame Rate: 24p, 30p and 60p frames per second
  • Display Luminance: More than 600 nits peak Luminance
  • Codec: HEVC
  • Interface: HDMI 2.1
  • Additional performance and interface specifications (available to members)

ABOUT THE 8K Association

Established just 2 years ago, the 8K Association has grown to encompass a broad membership of leading companies representing all parts of the 8K ecosystem. From 8K content creators and technology suppliers that enable 8K content creation to display semiconductor makers, panel manufacturers, and the world’s biggest TV brands – 8KA member companies are at the forefront of delivering the most impressive images from lens to living room.

The organization’s mission is to grow appreciation and awareness of 8K products, providing an even higher level of large-screen entertainment. Our activities include development performance and interface specifications, compliance logo programs, education, and coordination with 8K ecosystem developers to help build the 8K market. The 8K Association is composed of 30 member companies representing global leadership in consumer electronics, display manufacturing, ingredient technology providers, and content and distribution.