SES Sees Ultra HD Steadily Gain Momentum

SES S.A. (NYSE Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG) sees important steps and a continuous strong drive towards an accelerated uptake of Ultra HD – also known as 4K – by consumers, broadcasters and the industry.

With the first Ultra HD channels on air, the innovative technology that allows for four times the resolution and picture sharpness of HD is gaining traction, especially in Europe, North America and Asia.

In the White Paper “Ready. Steady. Ultra HD” published by SES today, the leading satellite operator concludes that 2015 has seen significant breakthroughs for the technology and that satellite and SES are in the pole position to support and foster the new technology.

Attractively-priced 4K/Ultra HD televisions are in stores, experimental live broadcasts for compelling content have gone off without a hitch, more channels featuring sports and lifestyle content are being launched, the latest Hollywood blockbusters are filmed in Ultra HD, and the UHD Blu-ray disc format is on its way. The dynamics driving the development of Ultra HD – demand, screens, content and broadcast techniques – are all coming together, reinforcing each other.

“Demos, content, high-technical standards, devices, delivery infrastructure – the elements that enable Ultra HD are falling into place. The dynamics driving Ultra HD development can be best described as a virtuous circle, composed of elements that mutually reinforce one another for bigger and better outcomes across business and consumer markets,’’ the SES White Paper says. As a delivery infrastructure, SES believes that “Satellites are a natural platform for broadcasting Ultra HD content, thanks to their bandwidth availability and extensive footprints which cover countries and continents.”