Seoul Semiconductor Sues Fry’s Over TVs

LED maker, Seoul Semiconductor via its Seoul Viosys subsidiary, has started a lawsuit against Fry’s Electronics of the US. The company said that Fry’s has been selling LCD TVs with LED backlights that infringe 15 patents that it claims. Seoul drew attention to optical lens technology that improves the uniformity of backlights.

Reports identify a key US patent 7,618,162, entitled “Irradiance-redistribution lens and its applications to LED downlights”. Originally filed by a US firm InteLED back in 2005, it describes how square-cut sections of the optical components can be arrayed laterally to form a downlight delivering a uniform rectangular spot.

The patents are said to have been breached by a particular set, the RCA model “LED55C55R120Q” TVs – originally launched in January 2013 and with a full array backlight with 108 zones.

Analyst Comment

The company is reported to have previously taken successful action over these patents in the US in the past. It has also sued over patents in lighting. (BR)