Semiconductors Approach Two Years of Growth

Semiconductor sales continue to grow, with the global industry posting a YoY increase for the 23rd consecutive month in March 2015. Data from the Semiconductor Industry Association shows that revenues reached $83.1 billion for Q1’15 and $27.7 billion in March (both up 6% YoY). The March data was slightly (0.1%) down MoM.

Sales grew despite macroeconomic challenges, said SIA CEO John Neuffer. The increase was particularly notable for improving on results from 2014, which was a record year for semiconductor revenue.

Compared to February 2015, sales were up in the APAC/All Other (3.1%), Europe (2.7%) and China (1%) regions. These results are the first time that China has been broken out as a separate country in the SIA statistics. Sales were down in Japan (0.4%) and the Americas (6.9%). However, sales rose compared to March 2014 in the Americas (14.2%), China (13.3%) and APAC/All Other (3.8%), falling in Europe (4%) and Japan (9.6%).

Speaking about the proposed Trade Promotion Authority in the USA, which promotes trade for US companies outside the country, Neuffer said, “Free trade is vital to the US semiconductor industry. In 2014, US semiconductor company sales totaled $173 billion, representing over half the global market, and 82 percent of those sales were to customers outside the United States”.

Semiconductor Sales by Region, March 2015 ($ Billions)
Market March 2015 March 2014 YoY Change
Americas 5.8 5.08 14.2%
Europe 2.95 3.08 -4.0%
Japan 2.54 2.81 -9.6%
China 7.83 6.91 13.3%
APACxJ/All Other 8.59 8.27 3.8%
Total 27.71 26.15 6.0%
Source: SIA