Selevision Claims UltraHD at 4Mbps

A Saudi Arabian company, Selevision, has launched ‘Nukodec’, designed to replace the H.264 and HEVC codecs. The technology will be launched worldwide and is designed to lower the bandwidth of Full HD content to 1Mbps and UltraHD to 4Mbps.

Nukodec is available to DVB, telco and online operators. It is playable on ‘any HEVC-compatible player’ and uses an ‘advanced HEVC algorithm’.

Analyst Comment

4Mbps UltraHD is a surprising claim. Another recently-announced codec (V-Nova (V-Nova’s Perseus Lowers UltraHD Bandwidth Requirements)) claims 7-8Mbps UltraHD delivery. In discussions with delegates at last week’s TV Connect and at this week’s SES Industry Days, I have heard a lot of comments about the frequency of claims about radical codec performance and the fact that these codecs rarely make much progress in the market. While V-Nova had a good list of supporters, Selevision has just made the claims, so we’ll wait to see if it’s adopted before getting too excited. (BR)