Satellite Can Push UltraHD

The next speaker was Gregory Beaurin of Quadrille in France and he looked at the issues for delivering multimedia content over satellite as satellite TV companies have to be able to add On Demand and OTT services. In real life, broadband-free regions still exist, but even in areas with broadband, network saturation occurs. How can you offer the same service to all your viewers, Beaurin asked?

The solution is to push the content via satellite to the receiver in a media gateway or STB in the home. Of course, any digital content can be sent, not just video. It can be done using standard DVB technologies and it can be sent in advance to the receiver. This architecture could be really useful for sending UltraHD content so that there are not long delays or problems with streaming.

Normally 20% of the content provides 80% of the viewing. There is a lot of “long tail” content which can be sent over broadcast and stored locally.

On a 1TB box, you can offer 160 movies (50% in HD) and 160 drama episodes as well as education programming and catch up content. Twice as much could be sent with HEVC. They can also be useful in situations such as cruise ships, which have limited broadband for OTT.

The firm can work with CAS or DRM systems to ensure that content remains protected.

Satellite can push HDR