Samsung To Show ‘QLED’ at CES

A report from the Maeil Business News suggests that Samsung will show a “new type of self-emitting UHD LCD TV powered by quantum dots” at the upcoming CES event. The report also suggests that Samsung has solved the ‘halo effect’ from backlight zones.

Analyst Comment

The report is very confusing as it reports that the display is “self emitting” and LCD. Well, that’s tautological (internally contradictory). However, Samsung insists on calling anything with a quantum dot in it a QLED. That’s very confusing, in my view, but wouldn’t be surprising. The firm, with the use of the LED TV term, has a history of inventing new terms that consumers don’t really understand (or newspapers, as we can see from this report) and using them to appear to dominate that segment. It’s clever business and marketing, but I don’t like this approach. In discussions with most industry professionals that I have had, QLED is used to describe a device like an OLED, but with quantum dot materials in place of the organic materials. (BR)