Samsung Expands Smart TV Gaming Hub, Adds Antstream Arcade and Blacknut to its Cloud-Based Game Streaming Service

Samsung is expanding its game streaming services on its smart TVs and smart monitors via the Samsung Gaming Hub. The company has added two new partners to its lineup, Antstream Arcade and Blacknut, significantly increasing the total number of games available to users.

Source: Samsung

Antstream Arcade is a cloud gaming service that focuses on retro games with a library of over 1,400 classic games and 500 mini-challenges. Some of the games include retro favorites like Galaga, Dig Dug, and Double Dragon. It’s available for a promotional rate of $12 (£12/€12) for a year, depending on the region. Blacknut, the other new addition, has over 500 titles in total – for all age groups. It features simultaneous accessibility for up to five player profiles and can be used across different devices. It also offers parental controls. Both Antstream Arcade and Blacknut join Samsung’s existing lineup of game streaming partners that include Xbox, Nvidia GeForce Now, Amazon Luna, and Utomik.