Report: PlayStation 5 is at Least Two Years Away

Sources close to the Kotaku website have claimed that the PlayStation 5 is coming but it may not be until 2020, putting paid to recent rumours that the console could launch as early as this year. Kotaku spoke to several first and third-party developers who had no knowledge of an imminent PS5 release—or if they did, they weren’t letting on.

The souped up PlayStation 4 Pro is less than 18 months old.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launched five years ago, which would make for a very short console generation if a successor were to come out in even the next two years, especially considering that both Sony and Microsoft have released mid-generation upgrades with the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Kotaku did highlight a report from a website called Semiaccurate—a name that doesn’t fill us with confidence, to be honest—that claimed a number of PlayStation 5 development kits have been sent out to software companies. It also backed up claims that the console could release in 2018. A Kotaku interviewee rightly pointed out that if that were the case, it would probably already be in production and game makers would know a lot more about it.