Raontech Partners with European Automotive Supplier for Advanced Microdisplay Technology

Raontech has announced a partnership with a European automotive parts manufacturer to develop advanced vehicle microdisplay technologies. Raontech has confirmed to various press outlets in Korea that it has inked a deal worth approximately 3.8 billion won (roughly $2.9 million) with the undisclosed European partner. This contract represents a substantial 35.22% of Raontech’s 10.9 billion won (approximately $8.2 million) consolidated revenue from the previous year. The partnership is set to conclude by September 25 of next year.

Source: Raontech

Raontech’s microdisplay technology is based on liquid crystal on silicon (LoS). LCoS microdisplays are claimed to be very stable, even when subjected to extreme temperatures and environmental conditions. So, they may be ideally suited for automotive displays. On the other hand, Raontech is also competing with traditional OLED display vendors, and emerging MicroLED suppliers. The company has long advocated for LCoS devices as being brighter and better suited as microdisplays for AR devices over these very same competitors.