QD Vision and Hisense Announce Joint Initiative to Make TVs and Displays More Energy Efficient

Today, QD Vision, one of the world’s largest quantum dot companies, has joined with Hisense, China’s largest home appliances producer, to announce an initiative to reduce energy consumption in displays. The collaboration is intended to underscore the role of quantum dot technology in making China’s rapidly growing display industry more “green.”

Saving energy and reducing harmful emissions have triggered great concern during the annual sessions of the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference earlier this month. This joint initiative between QD Vision and Hisense helps ensure the television and display industries do their part in reaching key goals.

Weimin Bai, Executive Vice Chairman of China Video Industry Association, attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech saying, “It is imperative for China’s television industry to actively support the government’s advocacy of saving energy and reducing harmful emissions. We hope quantum dot technology can not only bring the best colors to Chinese consumers, but also help our producers of home appliances to bring the best energy-saving solutions to market.”

QD Vision’s patented Color IQ™ quantum dot technology delivers the most colors of any commercial color technology in the display industry. Televisions using Color IQ can provide 50 percent more colors than today’s White LED displays, and 20 percent more colors than costly OLED and indium phosphide-based QD TVs.

Meanwhile, independent lab tests show that Color IQ-based displays use 25 percent less power than today’s White LED televisions, and up to 50 percent less power than OLED and indium phosphide-based QD TVs. Color IQ quantum dots could reduce China’s carbon footprint by 4.6 million tons per year, resulting in savings of 3.7 billion Chinese RMB a year in energy costs.

“As a sustainable chemistry company, QD Vision is committed to bringing wide color gamut technology to the mainstream while reducing energy consumption,” said John Volkmann, CMO of QD Vision. “It is a rare innovation that combines both a noticeable improvement in performance with a reduction in energy consumption, but that’s exactly what Color IQ quantum dots can do.”

The first curved quantum dot TV with Color IQ technology, the Hisense K7100 series, has been widely acclaimed since it was launched last June. Jianwei Cao, Vice General Manager, Hisense Electric Company Ltd., said, “The winning secrets of the K7100 series are bringing the world’s cutting-edge color performance to the everyday consumer, and reaching new benchmarks of TV energy-savings at the same time.”