Protected Displays Important for Data Modul

Data Modul absorbed Conrac many years ago (Display Monitor Vol 5 No 48); earlier this year, Arrow Electronics announced plans to acquire Data Modul, in turn (Arrow Electronics to Acquire Data Modul). We hoped to get an update on the move at Passenger Terminal Expo, but were disappointed – there was no more news to share since we talked to the company last month (Data Modul Highlights Touch and Updates on Arrow). It appears that the deal is still going ahead as planned.

Similarly, Data Modul would not talk about new airport projects – there are several but, annoyingly, airports are being particularly reticent in allowing information about them to be shared.

We had to stick to seeing Data Modul’s new large-format displays, instead. The first is a series of four screens called the Narrow Bezel Protected Series. These are available in 32″ (6132 BD), 42″ (6142 BD), 47″ (6147 BD) and 55″ (6155 BD) sizes and can be supplied as a standalone screen or with an industrial PC (which can optionally be protected against dust (IP40)). The PC can be removed and swapped for a new unit, as required. These screens have protective front glass and are fanless.

The 6942 PD is a 42″ public display, with toughened front glass. It is part of a new range of IP65-compliant displays (the smallest in the series), with edge-LED backlights and integrated PCs. These displays are designed for 24/7 operation in harsh conditions. There are no external controls, making the displays resistant to vandalism.

Data Modul has integrated its Sysmon monitoring software into the IP65 displays; Sysmon enables remote monitoring and control of display settings, such as stand-by, brightness, contrast and more. The hardware status and temperature information can also be accessed.

The above products will be available from Data Modul for a minimum for five years.