Projection Screens Roundup ISE 2018

Draper was showing its Techvision screen material in the Discovery Zone of ISE, hall 15. Their newest material, CS1000X ALR. is an ambient light rejecting surface that provides good ambient light rejection, assuming all the audience is in the 20° gain half-angle of the screen material. This is midway between the of two of their older materials. CS1200X ALR, with a 18° half angle and the 35° half angle of MS1000XALR.

Beam Me Up Kitty resizeInviscreen from Gerriets. The background is a LCD display and the image of the flying saucer is projected on Inviscreen material. (Credit: M. Brennesholtz)

I talked to Andreas Gause from Gerriets GmbH about two demonstrations of transparent projection screens. One, Inviscreen, is a development at Gerriets and the other, Holo-Gauze, is a product they are a distributor for. Inviscreen comes in front and rear projection versions, Gause told me, but the front-projection version has higher transparency and lower haze. Holo-Gauze has been around 3 years or so and been written up before in LDM but I’d never seen it in person before. It is like a theatrical scrim except it is polarizing-preserving and can show ghostly 3D images with the background visible through the scrim. Unfortunately, the demo at the Gerriets booth at ISE was only 2D but it looked good anyway.

Screen Innovations (SI) was discussing their screens at ISE. They had no new screen surfaces to present. Instead, the news from SI is their ability to make Black Diamond XL and Slate 1.4 screen materials in larger sizes than previously. Also, they were discussing their Rollable Glass substrate for their screen materials. This rollable glass comes in sizes up to 2.5M x 33M (8.2’ by 108’) The glass with the screen material bonded to it will roll up on a 2’ (61cm) diameter core. This can significantly simplify shipping of large screens.