Profitable TV Panel Session – Sharp to launch Android TV (BC8)

In a panel session, Gagnon asked what the display industry had done that didn’t work. Bhowmik immediately identified 3D as a technology that just didn’t happen. Sanduski said that the reaction to Avatar was great and that drove hope. However, watching in a theatre, you’re in a very focused experience and so wearing glasses is not a problem. However, for TV, the experience is multi-tasking and that is why 3D failed.

Walline said that phones getting too big is an issue. Netbooks were a similar problem, of expectations not meeting reality. Customers didn’t understand the compromises that had been necessary and that netbooks were not just cheap notebooks.

There was general agreement that a consistent user experience across a range of devices is really important. It is also important to get devices working together but that is not an easy task and companies such as Intel can help. Bhowmik that everything needs to be smart, to compute and to communicate. Products that don’t will disappear.

Sanduski said that 10 years ago, a stand alone TV was saleable, but not any more. If it doesn’t connect, it’s just not feasible any more. Sanduski said that Sharp would introduce Android TV to the US market shortly.