Presto Engineering to Host Euro Plugfest in Caen, France

Teledyne LeCroy Protocol Solutions Group – Quantum Data Products is pleased to announce that Presto Engineering, European Authorized Test Centre specializing in HDMI and HDCP compliance testing is organizing an International HDMI Plugfest in France. This is a technical event allowing companies to test the interoperability of their HDMI products with those of other participating companies. Teledyne LeCroy Protocol Solutions Group will be participating with our Quantum Data Products.

The International HDMI Plugfest in Europe will take place in Caen, Normandy, FRANCE, at the Presto Engineering offices from Monday September 26th to Friday September 30th 2016. Any company involved with HDMI product development is invited.

The goal is to have many HDMI prototype or HDMI mass production products testing together to expose interoperabilty problems. HDMI Sink, HDMI Sources, HDMI repeater and HDMI cable makers are welcomed. During the event the Source teams are required to work with Sink Teams and Repeater teams to perform specific interoperability tests. The purpose of our tests is to reproduce real use cases that may occur in the end user home when connecting HDMI products together. If interoperability issues are seen, teams will have time and resources to find the root cause of these issues. This is a good reason for engineers that have worked on HDMI hardware or software to participate in this event. These plugfests have the aim of avoiding poor product launches and field returns due to unanticipated interoperability problems.

To attend this event, companies must have prototype or production level product(s) available for interoperability testing and must agree to test their products with any product provided by other participants. Teams will focus on testing:

Any HDMI 2.0 features (UHD / HDR / BT2020 / YCbCr420 / 2.0 CEC / 3D audio…).
Any HDMI 1.4b features (video/audio, 3D, 4Kx2K, CEC, ARC, HEC).
HDCP protocol (1.4 / 2.2).

Please note, even if the Presto engineering European ATC is organizing this event, it is not a compliance event and the main goal is to check interoperability between equipment.

In parallel of this event, the European ATC will offer informative HDCP compliancy tests to interested teams.
The fee per registered participant is 500 Euros (without taxes). This includes lunch for the entire week and access to the fun event of Wednesday. Payment must be made online by credit card. Confidentiality of the tested product will be kept by Non Disclosure Agreement signed by every attending company.

Register your team now as registration will be closed on September the 16th 2016:

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