PPDS Introduces Next-Generation Philips dvLED 6300 Series, Featuring 0.95 Pixel Pitch, HDR10+ and 12-bit Color

PPDS, the exclusive global provider of Philips professional displays, has announced the addition of a new energy-efficient model to its direct view LED (dvLED) series, the Philips In-Room LED 6300 Series. The latest model aims to offer enhanced visual experiences and reduce energy consumption.

Source: PPDS

The 6300 Series, also referred to as the 27BDL6395, uses 4-in-1 mini LEDs (IMDs) that are common cathode type. They support a 12-bit color depth and HDR10+ resolution, promising improved color accuracy and brightness.

The series targets 24/7 environments, including retail, corporate, control rooms, and luxury homes. The design focuses on applications where impactful display size and performance are crucial.

The 6300 Series offers a 0.95 pixel pitch, which is an addition to the pixel pitch options in the Philips 6000 Series. This ‘cool LED’ technology is expected to improve image quality while reducing energy consumption, thereby lowering ownership costs.

The display boasts a refresh rate of 3840Hz and low latency, promising smooth and optimal viewing experiences. It can be used for installations of sizes ranging from 110″ to 330″.

The series delivers high color accuracy, deep black contrast, and brightness uniformity of up to 97%. The 6300 is the first series from PPDS to support 12-bit colors and HDR10+ resolution, promising better white balance and greyscale, even in low-light environments. This HDR10+ extends beyond 4K to offer a high contrast between light and dark areas, thereby enhancing detail and clarity.

The new series also offers power-saving features that make it an ideal choice for businesses aiming for sustainability. It uses common cathode LEDs that reduce power consumption by about 25% compared to traditional dvLED models. It also includes an active health monitoring feature for 24/7 display visibility.

LED Type4-in-1 Mini LEDs (IMDs), Common Cathode
Color Depth12-bit
Pixel Pitch0.95
Refresh Rate3840 Hz
Brightness650 nits (pre-calibration), 550 nits (post-calibration)
Brightness UniformityUp to 97%
Display Size Options110″, 137″, 165″, 220″, 275″, 330″
Power SavingCommon cathode LEDs, Dynamic and black screen power saving features
Extra FeaturesActive Health Monitoring, Diecast aluminium casing
Expected Panel Lifetime100,000 hours

The Philips 6300 also features a diecast aluminium casing to aid in heat dissipation and reduce potential fire risks.