Positive Chip Growth Forecast to 2016

In its autumn forecast, the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) organisation has predicted 9% YoY growth in the semiconductor market this year, to $333 billion. All categories are forecast to have positive growth rates, with the strongest rises seen in Memory (17.3%), Discretes (12.3%) and Analogue (10.3%).

Steady but moderate growth is expected in 2015, under the assumption of a further macro economy recovery. WSTS has forecast 3.4% growth in 2015, to $345 billion, and 3.1% in 2016, to $355 billion. The automotive and communications sectors are expected to rise faster than the total market, while consumer and computer categories will remain almost flat.

All regions showed growth from last year. Going forward, APAC will continue to grow faster than any other region, generating $209 billion in 2016 – a share of almost 60%.