Portrait Displays Pushing Technicolor Certification

We met with Portrait Displays’ Martin Fishman to catch up on the latest developments in the Technicolor certification programme. Toshiba had highlighted to us that it is now shipping products and the company told us that HP is also shipping 13 consumer models. “The seeds are sprouting”, he said.

Despite the talk about wide colour gamuts at IFA, according to Portrait’s testing, only 25%-30% of notebooks meet the sRGB standard and AIOs are even less. Tablets have better performance and around 60% do. Most monitors now do have the basic technology for sRGB, but the level of tuning by ODMs and makers is very variable, which is, of course, where his company comes in. New processors with the facility to better control display colour quality are coming from Qualcomm and Intel and that will help push the market to better colour.

There is more interest from online merchants in consistent colour and that will help adoption. Portrait also now has software that can automate the application of different settings on a window by window basis, which means that a video window can be set to sRGB, while a document can be set for comfortable reading. There’s a lot that Portrait can do with its gamut re-mapping and control software, for example, by improving skin tones without affecting other colours.