Planar’s Next-Generation Clarity Visual Control Station Video Wall Processor Offers Powerful Features and Ease of Use

Planar today announced the availability of its next-generation Clarity® Visual Control Station™ (VCS™) video wall processor, which includes significant improvements that simplify the capture, management and display of video wall content.

The updated Clarity VCS builds on Planar’s cutting-edge video wall processor platform by incorporating powerful, new features that make video wall processing technology more flexible and easy to use. The video wall processor comes with a robust and intuitive new user interface. It offers new network collaboration tools that improve teamwork in control room and corporate settings, while enabling administrators to better manage user identity and access. It also includes more options for delivering high quality video wall content as well as customization tools that automate repetitive tasks.

“The new Clarity VCS brings critical new functionality and productivity to both advanced and conventional users,” said Steve Seminario, vice president of global product marketing at Planar. “Tightly integrated with our award-winning Planar and Leyard video wall displays, Clarity VCS allows more customers to turn their video walls into complete visual systems that solve business problems, all at a competitive price point.”

An All-In-One Hardware and Software Solution

Clarity VCS is an all-in-one hardware and software solution that simplifies the management of Planar and Leyard’s market-leading video walls used for control room, digital signage and collaborative applications. The processor can control up to 64 high resolution video wall

displays—capturing content from multiple sources and displaying different images and video on or across individual displays within an LED or LCD video wall.

Using the VCS™ Control Software, users can position and resize individual sources anywhere on the video wall or instantly switch to one of many preset layouts. And with the newest version of Clarity VCS, users can come up to speed more quickly, collaborate more effectively, and improve the security of their content.

Ease of Use, Collaboration and Security

The next-generation Clarity VCS was designed to improve the usefulness of Planar and Leyard video wall solutions including the award-winning Clarity® Matrix™ LCD Video Wall System, Planar® DirectLight™ LED Video Wall System, Leyard® TVH Series and Leyard® TW Series LED video walls.

Clarity VCS offers the following benefits:

  • Greater productivity right from the start: Clarity VCS comes with a more powerful and intuitive user interface that is quicker to learn than previous versions. Placing, arranging and recalling visual content to the video wall in attractive layouts has never been easier. Users can control multiple video walls and processors using the same user interface, as well as manage the processor from nearly any web-enabled device including smartphones, tablets and PCs.
  • A broader range of video content: The video wall processor expands the number of visual sources that can be shown simultaneously on a video wall, providing maximum flexibility and choice. The processor provides support for new standards such as Display Port, providing crisp 4K signals at 60 frames per second. It also includes support for IP capture, allowing for the seamless display of digital video over the Internet.
  • More efficient management and scheduling: Clarity VCS offers powerful customization tools that allow users to simplify and automate frequently repeated tasks. Once programmed into the processor, repetitive tasks can be recalled with a simple click. In addition, changes in content can be programmed to automatically occur at specific times of the day.
  • Improved collaboration: Clarity VCS provides network-centric collaboration tools that allow users to capture their desktop over the network and display it on the video wall. This allows operators to easily share content, improving decision-making capabilities.
  • Tighter user access controls: Clarity VCS includes integrated user rights management to provide an unprecedented level of security and control over user access. The processor includes 16 different types of customizable user permissions that allow administrators to control access to content, inputs, working areas and other aspects of the video wall. The software can support its own user directory or integrate with Microsoft Active Directory.

The new Clarity VCS is launching with the Clarity® VCS™ Calculator, a free, online tool that makes it quick and easy for customers to design their Clarity VCS configuration. By allowing customers to generate technical specifications and processor drawings in advance of their purchase, the Clarity VCS Calculator ensures the success of every project by taking the guess work out of video wall planning and helps speed up the sales process for resellers and integrators. The Clarity VCS Calculator can be used with a range of devices including PC’s, tablets and smartphones and requires no software installation or registration. It is available at

The next-generation Clarity VCS video wall processor is available through Planar and Leyard’s global network of authorized resellers. Watch a video overview of the new Clarity VCS video wall processor or visit for additional information.