Pimax Headsets to Begin Shipping this Month

Pimax’s 8K headset entered mass production in July, following months of delays. The company now says that it is confident that all Kickstarter backers will receive their devices by the end of the year. However, any purchased eye-tracking modules and controllers for the device will not go out to backers until next year.

At a recent meet-up with backers in Berlin, Germany, the company also announced the “5K Plus”, an upgraded version that all those who originally backed the 5K headset will receive at no extra charge. However, the standard 5K headset will go on general sale alongside the 5K Plus when the devices are officially released. The resolution of the 5K Plus hasn’t been revealed, but a new display panel has been incorporated, providing a 9% boost to pixels per inch.

Meet-up attendees were also able to take a peek at the next iteration of the 8K headset, the M2, believed to closely represent the finished product that will be sent out to backers. The company says that both 8K and 5K headsets are scheduled to start shipping at the end of September.

Pimax headset