Photo Research Unveils SpectraScan PR-1050 Spectroradiometer for High-Precision Light Measurements of AR/VR Displays

Photo Research, a brand under Novanta Corporation, has announced a new product: the Photo Research SpectraScan PR-1050 Spectroradiometer. This device is a type of light measurement tool used in many industries for applications that require highly precise light measurements. Applications ideal for this device range from OLED, LCD, MicroLED screens to AR/VR devices and automotive and aerospace displays. The device can also be utilized for calibrating laser projectors and testing display backlights.

AR/VR lensThe device can be fitted with an AR/VR lens for measuring light from AR/VR target areas.
Dynamic RangeThe device boasts a 500,000,000:1 dynamic range, which allows for measuring light intensities from black to full white without needing external attenuation.
ApplicationsIt can be used with OLED, LCD, microLED screens, AR/VR devices, automotive & aerospace displays, for laser projector calibration and display backlight testing.
AR/VR testing Aperture DiametersIt has available aperture diameters of 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm for AR/VR testing.
Variable Spectral BandwidthThe device has a variable spectral bandwidth which enables spectral resolution for any display technology, from OLEDs to laser sources.
High-Speed Cycle TimesThe device has high-speed cycle times which reduce the total time required to test or calibrate display products.

In order to measure near-eye displays such as those used in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies, the PR-1050 can be fitted with an AR/VR lens that attaches directly to the device, enabling the user to measure light from AR/VR target areas.

Source: Novanta

The SpectraScan PR-1050’s dynamic range is impressive, able to measure a wide range of light intensities without requiring any external attenuation or changes to the optical geometry. This feature is extremely beneficial for accurately measuring the output of various devices across their full operational range, from black to full white.

The SpectraScan PR-1050 offers AR/VR testing with available aperture diameters of 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm. It also boasts a wide dynamic range, allowing you to test any display/backlight without needing external filtration or changing apertures.