Appotronics Partners with BAIC to Supply Smart Cockpit Displays

Appotronics recently announced that it has secured an agreement with Beijing New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd (also known as BAIC New Energy) to provide it with smart cockpit display products for their EVs. BAIC BJEV, founded in 2009, is the sixth largest automaker in China.

Source: BAIC

So far, Appotronics has secured five contracts with different automotive companies including BAIC New Energy, BYD, Celes, and an undisclosed international car company. In April this year, Appotronics showcased its immersive laser display and lighting technology at the Shanghai Auto Show, where it also unveiled the world’s first car-level color laser headlights. The company also presented various in-car digital interaction solutions.

Appotronics is making significant strides with its automotive display products, and as the company continues to expand its partnerships in the automotive industry, it is projecting that the results to its bottom line are going to be significant.