Philips Updates on 2017 Sets & HDR Plans

Philips plans to add support for the HLG HDR standard to its 2016 UltraHD TVs as well as this year’s range. The technology is available on TVs that run Android 6, so sets that cannot support that level cannot be upgraded for HLG.

Sony showed different flavours of HDR at IBC. Image:Meko

Separately, Philips has shown details of its next OLED TV, the POS9002, which supercedes the 901F that it showed at IFA and which started shipping in January. (Philips OLED TV Starts Shipping). The new set has the later 2017 LG Display OLED panel which has higher peak brightness (750 cd/m²) and will ship in 55″ and in Europe only. It supports 99% of DCI-P3 colour. The set also has a new ‘P5’ picture processor that has new features for noise reduction and better tone mapping. The set supports Ambilight and will be shipping in the summer, and pricing will be set nearer to availability.

Philips 9002 OLEDPhilips’ 9002 OLED has more peak brightness and a new processor.

There’s a short video online.

Philips in Europe will also have new LCD TVs. The 7502 series will have UltraHD, HDR and 3 side Ambilight along with the P5 processor. The sets will be available in 49″, 55″ and 65″. The 7272 series (49″ and 55″) will have ‘mood lighting’ on the Ambilight and the 7202 (43″) has Ambilight only on the sides. The 7202 and 7272 will use a less powerful video processor. All the sets will have Android and Chromecast.

Moving down, the 6000 LCD TV product line includes the 6482 (49″ and 55″) with 3-sided Ambilight, high peak brightness and wide colour gamut. The 6432 (49″ and 55″) and 6412 series have reduced features such as 2-sided Ambilight and support UltraHD in the 55″, 49″ and 43″ but only FullHD in the 6402 32″.

Philips is working with Google to get the Google Assistant technology on its sets. There are questions about how this is done as the set needs to have continuous voice input, even when the display is off.