Philips Releases Hue Sync Smart Lighting App for PC and Mac

Philips has released its free Hue Sync app for PC and Mac, which synchronises in-home ambient smart lighting with on-screen goings on, including games, movies and music.

Similar to the company’s range of Ambilight televisions, lighting colours shift and change in response to the colours appearing on the screen at the time. Users can select from four intensity levels. The company describes the system as providing ”an unprecedented level of spatial immersion”.

Analyst Comment

It’s slightly surprising that it has taken Philips this long to effectively create ‘full room Ambilight’. Perhaps there were some disagreements between the TV brand (run by TPVision) and Philips Lighting? I remember seeing some data from Philips some years ago that showed that one of the features that owners liked most in AmbiLight was being able to affect the room colour, even if the TV was not on. (BR)