Peerless-AV’s Expands Market Leading Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Display Range

AV technology pioneer Peerless-AV® announced the first time showing in EMEA of its 75″ Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Display on #3F700 at ISE 2022 alongside new 65″ and 55″ display models. Designed for all-weather, extreme temperature applications these new models retain an unmatched ingress protection (IP) rating and award-winning feature set with significant mechanical and operating system enhancements that include thermal load diffusion, customised brightness scheduling, auto-source switching, power saving and pixel shifting.

“As a market leader in professional outdoor displays, it is fundamental that we continue to enhance our technology and expand our range of display sizes to meet evolving industry requirements,” said Keith Dutch, Managing Director – EMEA, Peerless-AV. “We are seeing increased demand for our displays in extreme weather environments dictated by high levels of direct sunlight exposure and heat. This is where the new Xtreme models are designed to excel; performing to the highest of standards in all-weather conditions, from the desert to a polar vortex, and the new network control, monitoring and scheduling improvements make these even more reliable, quality products for any outdoor application.”

The new XHB754-EUK, XHB653-EUK and XHB554-EUK Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Displays are fan cooled to reduce heat build-up caused by thermal load from extended exposure to direct sunlight. The operating temperature remains the widest in the industry, ranging from -35°C to 60°C (-31°F to 140°F) and the patented thermal exhaust system keeps internal components cooled in extreme heat. The XHB754-EUK offers 3000nits of light output, while the XHB653-EUK XHB554-EUK offer 2500nits, and an ambient light sensor in all models automatically adjusts brightness to match time of day conditions, thus reducing light pollution in evening hours and optimising power consumption.

All models include a gyroscopic sensor that detects any movement of the display and sends an alert to warn of potential tampering or theft. Their IP66 rated design protects against the ingress of water, dust, dirt, moisture and insects, and the IK10 tempered cover glass offers protection against vandalism and debris.

The XHB554-EUK also has a built-in HDBaseT port enabling the distribution of high-definition audio and video over a single Category 6A cable up to 100 meters.

Additional new features on all three models include upgrades to network access and control functionality, as well as key operating system extras:

Auto-Source Switching: Allows the user to set the display to search for a secondary content signal if the main source fails, ensuring zero display downtime

Power Scheduling: Allows the user to set a specific frequency time and date for the display to turn on and off automatically

Brightness Scheduling: Eco and custom settings allow the user to use predetermined modes that set the backlight level intensity according to time of day, an important feature at night where regulations dictate brightness of digital signage, especially near roadsides

Power Save Mode: Allows the user to set the time for the display to power down or go to sleep mode if no content signal is present; The LAN port can also be set to passive or active mode to reduce power consumption when the display is not active

Pixel Shifting: Useful if using static content to avoid image retention; Horizontal or vertical shifting of an image can be set to a specific frequency

The Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Display can be much more than a standalone unit. Peerless-AV also designs and manufactures stylish, fully integrated kiosk solutions, including Outdoor Smart City Kiosks (KOP2555-XHB-EUK) and Outdoor Digital Menu Boards (KOF555-1/2/3-EUK).

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