PPDS Unveils New beyond 8K Philips 6000 Series Direct View LED Range for Pitch-Perfect Viewing Experiences in Corporate Environments

PPDS, the exclusive global provider of Philips professional display and solutions, is excited to announce the launch of the Philips 6000 Series – a brand new range of highly flexible, beyond 8K, direct view LED displays, designed exclusively for the creation of 16:9 or 32:9 displays, often used in corporate environments or any place where standard ratio content is being played.

Unveiled at ISE 2022 in Barcelona (stand 3Q600), the new Philips 6000 Series LED – the latest in a growing line of vertical-specific direct view LED solutions from PPDS – pushes beyond the boundaries of traditional videowall displays, bringing unrivalled performance and effortless bezel-free installations of any shape, size or resolution to meeting rooms, boardrooms, auditoriums and lobbies.

Available in three 27” landscape panels, with a native 16:9 resolution, and across three different pixel pitch variants – 1.26 (27BDL6112L), 1.583 (27BDL6115L), and 1.9 (27BDL6119L) the stunning Philips 6000 Series has been designed for 24/7, round-the-clock use and comes equipped with an extensive range of dedicated features and capabilities, supporting a multitude of visual needs and requirements.

Engage, inspire and impact

With PPDS’ trademark modular design, Philips L-Line offers the freedom and the flexibility to adapt to any indoor environment, regardless of room size or shape – whether it’s installing a traditional 16:9 videowall, a massive and immersive 32:9 wide screen, or a vast array flowing seamlessly around doorways and other openings for unique branding and messaging opportunities. Installation times are swift and effortless, simply connecting multiple LED display cabinets to create the resolution that best suits your needs, in 4K, 8K resolutions, or even higher.

Boasting some of the highest refresh rates (1920~3840 Hz) compared to many LCD and LED solutions in the current market, the Philips 6000 Series guarantees uncompromised, smooth and judder-free viewing experiences. Even the smallest (and most important) details – such as blurred or fuzzy words and numbers in presentations – are displayed and delivered with crystal clear sharpness over distances of up to 22 feet, viewable at almost any front facing angle (up to 160 degrees).

Bringing content to life – whether a presentation, video, or branded messaging – Philips 6000 Series panels also boast among the highest levels of colour accuracy, deep black contrast and a brightness (up to 750 nits before calibration) uniformity of up to 97%, ensuring near perfect picture quality delivered in the way you want it, at all times.

Jeroen Brants, Global Product Manager LED Displays at PPDS, commented: “The versatility of Philips 6000 Series truly sets itself apart, providing infinite design possibilities to suit a variety of different settings and uses within a corporate environment. Whether it’s for hosting the perfect meeting or creating a positive first impression in reception, displaying bright and clear branded content, Philips 6000 Series won’t let you down in providing the perfect viewing experience.”

Smart locking and front panel access for seamless connections

For the ultimate visual experience, and setting it apart from many competing models, the Philips 6000 Series comes with a smart locking mechanism, helping to ensure seamless connections between the LED cabinets / panels and the best possible screen flatness.

And that’s not all. As with all Philips LED products from PPDS, and inspired by market feedback, the Philips 6000 Series also offers front facing access to its internal electronics and cabling, for fast, hassle free, easy setup and maintenance. The modules in each cabinet can be easily and safely removed using a dedicated removal tool, reducing the need for lengthy, inconvenient and potentially costly de- and re-installations if the need arises.

Safety and sustainability

Ensuring safety comes first, the Philips 6000 Series DV LED range has been tested and certified with BS476-7, class 1 certification for all three pixel pitches available. Delivering on a core requirement for public settings, where fire safety certification is business critical.

Finally, in addition to offering greater energy efficiency when compared to similar displays available on the market, the 6000 Series also benefits from Dynamic and Black screen power saving features, automatically and intelligently powering down when not in use. This helps to further reduce the total cost of ownership, while extending the life of each LED panel (typically 100,000 hours) for a greater RoI.

The opportunity is now

According to the latest industry figures from AVIXA, the digital signage market is poised for strong revenue growth, with a forecast of $35 billion this year, increasing to $44.7 billion in 2026 – making it one of the largest solution areas in the pro AV industry. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the global LED display screen market size is estimated to be worth USD 8135.8 million in 2022 and is forecast to a readjusted size of USD 10840 million by 2028.

With close to ten million meeting spaces in Western Europe and almost nine million in the USA, the opportunities for the channel have never been greater.

Martijn van der Woude, Head of Global Business Development and Marketing, concluded: “With the appetite from the corporate market becoming ever clear, our Philips 6000 Series direct view LED is a highly cost-effective and long-term proposition for companies and organisations that want to maximise the benefits of their digital display investments. Bringing new opportunities to streamline their digital messaging, while maximising their investments for the best possible business outcomes. We cannot wait to welcome visitors to our stand at ISE to show them ourselves.”

Philips 6000 Series LED displays at a glance:

  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Placement: Landscape
  • Brightness before calibration: 750 nits (650 nits after calibration)
  • Usage: 24/7 Hrs, Indoor
  • Deep contrast and great brightness performance
  • Highest colour accuracy and brightness uniformity
  • Smooth and judder-free images by high refresh rate
  • Fire retardant design, tested and certified with BS476-7, class 1 certification
  • Smart locking mechanism ensures seamless connections and flattest screen
  • Philips Dynamic and Black screen power saving features
  • Audience can focus on presentations and office applications
  • Engage, inspire and impact with vivid content
  • Powerful statements in any lobby, auditorium, meeting room

Philips 6000 Series specifications by model:

27” 27BDL6112L

  • LED type: SMD 1010 Copper wire
  • Pixel constitution: 1R1G1B
  • LED lifetime (Hrs): 100,000
  • Pixel pitch (mm): 1.266
  • Cabinet resolution (WxH pixels): 480 x 270
  • Cabinet size (WxHxD in mm): 608 x 342 x 59

27” 27BDL6115L

  • LED type: SMD 1010 Copper wire
  • Pixel constitution: 1R1G1B
  • LED lifetime (Hrs): 100,000
  • Pixel pitch (mm): 1.583
  • Cabinet resolution (WxH pixels): 384 x 216
  • Cabinet size (WxHxD in mm): 608 x 342 x 59

27” 27BDL6119L

  • LED type: SMD 1015 Copper wire
  • Pixel constitution: 1R1G1B
  • LED lifetime (Hrs): 100,000
  • Pixel pitch (mm): 1.9
  • Cabinet resolution (WxH pixels): 320 x 180
  • Cabinet size (WxHxD in mm): 608 x 342 x 59

About PPDS

PPDS is a trading name of TP Vision Europe B.V. (“TP Vision”) and MMD-Monitors & Displays Nederland B.V. (“MMD”), registered in the Netherlands, with their head offices in Amsterdam. TP Vision and MMD are wholly owned subsidiaries of TPV Technology Limited (“TPV”), the world’s largest manufacturer of monitors and a leading provider of display solutions.

PPDS exclusively markets and sells Philips-branded professional displays, covering professional TVs, signage and direct view LED solutions, worldwide under trademark license by Koninklijke Philips N.V.

By combining the Philips brand promise with TPV’s manufacturing expertise in displays, PPDS employs a competitive and focused approach to bring innovative products to market – from its 10” touchscreen through to unlimited direct view LED displays. Designing solutions that make a positive impact, both for resellers and for end-customers – at the right time and in the right places.