PDs in Europe Fit the Seasonal Pattern

Over recent years, the Public Display market in Europe has settled into a clear pattern, with most growth being concentrated in Q4 of one year and Q1 of the next. Q2 in 2016 saw the market fitting this pattern, with sales basically flat from Q1 in volume terms, although growth was 19% from Q2 last year, according to the DisplayCast market research service from Meko.

Value grew more strongly from last year than volume as the longer term trend for the share of larger panel to increase continued. L65H 65″ FullHD sets and L84U UltraHD sets hit new record volume sales.

Results in Germany were disappointing, with less than 10% growth from last year and the UK also had a weak quarter, while the Nordics and Mediterranean regions were positive. Western Europe strongly dominates the market, with political and economic problems causing continued market weakness in the East of Europe and MEA.

Samsung increased its share again and has almost half the market, and Philips and Panasonic also increased their shares. LG and NEC were less positive.

UltraHD increased significantly in its share growth, but remains a niche at less than 2% of the volume of the market.