Huawei MateBook ™ Offer Makes Going Back to School More Exciting

Huawei has made going back to school more exciting this year. For a limited time, MateBook purchases made through Microsoft Stores (online or store locations) will include a free MateBook Portfolio Keyboard. In addition, purchasers of the MateBook and keyboard via will receive $100 off. This promotion will run fromAugust 15th through September 11th.

Huawei MateBook, is a 2-in-1 detachable hybrid tablet ideal for students who enjoy the flexibility of a highly mobile device and the power of a PC. It’s the school accessory that perfectly balances mobility, productivity, design, and entertainment (for those occasional non-academic times). A Windows™ 10 PC, MateBook is at home in the classroom, dorm room, or any room where a student gets serious about school work.

“We believe consumers should expect more from their devices and the brands that deliver them,” said Ryan Li, vice president, Huawei Device USA, Products & Services. “That’s why we are focused on delivering mobile devices that are more productive, more stylish, more portable, and offer better engineering. Paired with Windows 10, MateBook is the perfect solution for students that want productivity as much as they want portability.”

New School All the Way
There is nothing old school about MateBook. Running Windows™ 10 and powered by an energy-efficient 6th generation Intel® core m-series processor, MateBook is powerful and ready for whatever develops this school year. The m-series processor is designed specifically for hybrid computing devices. It features up to 8GB of LP DDR3 memory and a solid-state hard drive with a capacity of up to 512GB, enough room for term papers, reports, research, and all manner of apps. It has all of the power and storage capability a student needs for uninterrupted productivity.

The unit’s metal unibody weighs in at just 1.41 pounds and is only 0.27″ thick. Its sleek design makes it easy to carry from class to class, home to school, and to the neighborhood coffee shop. It has a 12″ 10-point touchscreen with a 2160 x 1440 high-definition resolution and a nearly side-to-side, 160-degree viewing angle. To add to its presentation capabilities, it comes with a 5MP front camera, dual digital microphone, and dual speakers.

World’s First One-Touch Unlock
Huawei MateBook provides advanced security while maintaining quick access. It is the world’s first tablet to include a convenient side-fingerprint sensor that can unlock the screen with a single touch.

A+ Connectivity
MateBook features a Wi-Fi mobile hotspot for users to stay connected when a traditional Internet connection is not available. Additionally, seamless data transfer capability allows drag-and-drop document transfer to and from any Android smartphone. One click connects the phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot, turning the smartphone into a wireless storage unit.

Accessories Complete the Package
Adding to its functionality, Huawei offers three transformative accessories that take MateBook to the head of the class.

  • MateBook Portfolio Keyboard: best-in-class; features a 1.5mm keystroke and a chiclet keycap design, which allows for larger key surfaces to minimize typing errors. The built-in touchpad uses multi-touch technology that supports smooth and precise finger movements, combining comfort and utility. Backlit for easier use in darkened rooms.
  • MatePen stylus: offers 2,048 levels of sensitivity, perfectly capturing user’s subtle and diverse pen-tip actions with zero delay. It also supports graphics and mathematic functions, and can be used as a laser pointer for delivering presentations. It also has an easy-access eraser mode and contains a rechargeable lithium battery for up to 100 hours of use.
  • MateDock: expands the MateBook’s capabilities with two USB 3.0 ports as well as Ethernet, HDMI, and VGA ports.

Availability and Pricing
Offered in multiple configurations, Huawei MateBook 2-in-1detachable device is available at and Microsoft stores,, and It comes in gray and gold. MSRPs begin at $699 USD. MateBook Keyboard has an MSRP of$129 USD; MatePen has an MSRP of $59 USD; and MateDock has an MSRP of $89 USD.

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