Wikitude’s AR Capabilities Come to Atheer

Atheer and Wikitude have teamed up to enable Wikitude’s capabilities, such as image recognition and tracking, on Atheer’s AiR Glasses and AiR Suite.

With this integration, Atheer’s AiR Suite™ software platform enables enterprise customers and developers to create and add AR content into their collaborative taskflows.

“Wikitude is a unique and highly-valued partner for Atheer,” says Ryan Fink, VP, Business Development of Atheer. “It’s difficult for enterprises to drive real returns from just one or two software tools; it takes a lot of custom development to do so. However, with AiR Suite’s integration with Wikitude we’re able to provide enterprises with an out-of-the-box remote collaboration solution, with enhanced AR capabilities, for the most difficult steps in their taskflows. Now, this functionality is all in one place and easily deployable on AiR Glasses and other industry leading glasses via AiR Suite.”

Wikitude’s AR capabilities can also be enabled on Atheer’s AiR Glasses. Powered by AiR Gestures, users get a combination of familiar touchscreen-like gesturing with the Wikitude image recognition and tracking, for example.