Lepow Announces the Z1 Ultra-Slim Portable Display Monitor

Due to COVID 19, many people are looking for better workspace decoration methods to improve their remote worklife quality. And a portable monitor has gradually become a must have for people who need to work at home to satisfy their workspace decoration needs. Usually, a portable monitor has both horizontal and vertical positions, which is perfect for both desktop decoration and working efficiency.

Lepow is a famous brand that has a rich laptop portable monitor line for different user scenarios. It aims to bring a happy user experience to worldwide customers. Lepow recently announced a new release product, the Z1 Ultra-Slim portable monitor. And this new release portable monitors is a good choice for workspace decoration.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of consumer electronics options to choose from. But the Lepow Z1 Ultra-Slim portable monitor is a must-have for those who not only need to work with multiple screens, but also look for workspace decoration for higher quality of life. With a magnetic smart cover design, this monitor can be adjusted into both horizontal and vertical position from multiple angles, and it can also be effectively protected from scratches.

Different from the previous Z1 Series, the New Release Lepow Z1 Ultra Slim Version features a 0.13″ ultra-slim profile, making it easier to fit in your bag and also saving more space than similar monitors.

With an advanced IPS screen and HDR technology, the Lepow Z1 Ultra-Slim monitor delivers a 1920 x 1080 high-quality visual experience and excellent performance in multimedia. The upgraded display effectively reduces blue light radiation damage and provides a picture with no flickering or stuttering for extended use.

In addition, with fully functional USB-C ports, the portable monitor can use less cord to connect with the laptop, helping to save more space on the desktop without getting messy. And it is easy to connect to a wide range of devices, which makes work more efficient.

Lepow Z1 ultra-slim monitor also has 3 modes that meet various working or entertainment needs for programming, design, movies and so on. The two built-in speakers also provide an immersive audio-visual experience for the user. It delivers Hi-Fi quality sound for video watching. Users can enjoy their entertainment time after long hours of work with the Lepow Monitor.

If someone wants a monitor that is good-looking for workspace decoration and portable for work, Lepow’s new Z1 Ultra-Slim portable monitor is worthwhile to get. The smart cover, slim body and other technical features of this Lepow monitor are perfect for people who need a high value and exquisitely designed monitor for their workspace decoration.