Paris Motor Show Round-up

We saw a lot of concepts at the show which we present here. It was hard or impossible to get details!

DSC08730This DS brand (Citroen) concept seemed to have no display and the optics for a HUD would be tricky! Image:Meko

DSC08746 GAC of China had this concept which used a very wide display configuration. Image:Meko

DSC08688Hyundai showed this console in the concept car. Image:Meko

DSC08764Most of the Mercedes cars at the show had this kind of very wide single display dashboard. Image:Meko

DSC08769Mercedes had a show car that included a display in the middle of the steering wheel and a big wrap-around display that was being shown in a driving simulation. We took this image from a poster as the actual car was not accessible. Image:Meko

DSC08799BMW used dual split displays in all the models that we saw. This is the new i3s. Image:Meko

DSC08705Peugeot had a show car that included this concept of a huge display below the dashboard.

DSC08686There was a nice demo by Hyundai of a car on a turntable that was surrounded on three sides by an LED display. The car rotated to be in the correct orientation to match the video. It was impressive. Image:Meko