QH06 Overview of HDR

Chris Chinnock began the focused discussion on HDR10/10+ by delivering an overview on HDR for attendees who were not too familiar with the terms, principle and standards around HDR. This started with an explanation of the range of colors and light available to the human visual system, in SDR production and HDR production. Terms like EOTF, OETF and OOTF were introduced along with examples of these and how they are different.

He then provided some background on BT.2020, BT.2100, SMPTE ST-2084, ST-2086 and ST-2094. The differences between static and dynamic metadata was explained along with what can result when content mastered on a high luminance display is shown on a TV with lower luminance capabilities. Dynamic metadata is designed to address these potential problems.

Chinnock noted that HDR delivery and local signaling is now fairly mature with lots of platforms and connections capable of delivering some forms of HDR.

He concluded by noting the formation of the 3c organization consisting of a partnership of Samsung, Panasonic and 20th Century Fox. The group will work to create a certification and logo program for the HDR10+ ecosystem as a royalty-free alternative to delivering dynamic metadata.