Vol 24 #28 Product Round Up

Elo Touch Systems has released two new low-profile, open-frame touchscreens, the 4343L and 5543L. They have PCao touch technology and allow up to 12 simultaneous touches. The Edge to Edge glass architecture of the screens ensures easy cleaning of the surface and the total depth of the open frames is 66 mm.

The monitors are designed for 24/7 use and are certified according to Energy Star 7.0. Elo will maintain fit form and function for OEM buyers.

Elo showed us its new 55″ FullHD PCap touch display at the Munich event recently and has now formally released the monitor as the 5502L. It has three versions – one with no touch, one with infrared and one with a PCap touch screen with 12 touches. Brightness is 450 cd/m², 405 cd/m² and 387 cd/m², respectively. Contrast is 1,100:1 and the IPS panel has a response time of 12ms. Inputs include dual HDMI, VGA and DisplayPort 1.1. The monitor can support portrait or landscape mode and MTBF is quoted at 50,000 hours. Add-ons include an EMV reader, RFID/NFC and magnetic strip readers.

Optoma has released the latest version of its H28DSEDarbee, the H29DSEDarbee which boosts brightness from 3,000 to 3,200 Ansi lumens, while the chassis is smaller and the unit is quieter. Weight is also slightly less and the projector has support for Rec. 709.

Optoma HD29Darbee is an upgrade to the HD28Darbee