Omate Announces the First Standalone 3G Enabled Smartwatch with Amazon Alexa

Omate announced the Omate Rise Limited Edition smartwatch with Amazon Alexa Voice Service available later this year. The watch will be available for pre-order Sept. 1-3, 2016 on the Omate Rise Indiegogo page for $199 and will start shipping in Dec., 2016. Starting Jan., 2017, the price will increase to $349.

The Omate Rise Carbon Fiber Limited Edition with Amazon Alexa will feature a number engraved on the nano SIM card back plate from 001 to 999.

Over 1,000 Beta Testers

Additionally, backers of the Omate Rise Beta Tester Edition will receive access to the Amazon Alexa Service via a firmware over-the-air update by the end of the year. Omate Rise early backers have so far contributed over $240,000 in just two days on Indiegogo.

With Amazon Alexa, Omate Rise users now have access to a range of over 2,000 skills straight from their wrist anytime, anywhere. Through the Omate Rise smartwatch, customers can gain access to a myriad of information, control their smart home devices, and much more.

“It has been a fantastic experience working with the Amazon Alexa team to bring Omate supporters voice-experiences through the Alexa Voice Service,” said Laurent Le Pen, CEO at Omate. “We are excited to welcome new members to the Omate community with the exclusive Omate Rise Limited Edition with Amazon Alexa.”

“We built the Alexa Voice Service so companies like Omate could bring their customers truly magical voice-experiences,” said Aaron Brown, Director of Amazon Alexa. “We’re excited to see customers communicating with Alexa while on-the-go through Omate Rise later this year.”

The standalone Omate app with Amazon Alexa requires that you have a valid Amazon account for sign in and for accessing the Alexa Voice Services.

  • Asking Alexa questions and getting a response
  • Controlling home automation devices
  • Accessing various Alexa Skills (News, Weather, Uber, USA Today and many more…)

It does not require to say “Alexa” before asking a question. Just press, hold, talk and release. You can enable skills via the Alexa web platform.

Ting 3G nano SIM card embedded

Omate has partnered with Ting to include a FREE Ting GSM SIM card with the Rise Limited Edition with Amazon Alexa. “This partnership is such a great example of companies focusing on what they do best,” added Michael Goldstein, Ting VP of Sales and Marketing. “Omate makes beautiful, durable, capable smartwatches. We make it easy and affordable for their customers to get those smartwatches online. I think the combined experience will be very popular here in the US.”

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