OLEDWorks is Working to Raise OLED Efficiency

Click for higher resolutionOLEDWorks took over Philips’ OLED lighting business around one year ago, and is now working on advancements in the space. Eric Meulenkamp, formerly of Philips, is a general manager of the business. The talk was of marginal interest to us, but there were a few interesting points.

Unlike competitors like Konica or Sumitomo, OLEDWorks creates its OLEDs through vacuum deposition, not printing. Meulenkamp described the ‘Four A’s of OLED Lighting’: Awareness, Availability, Adaptability and Affordability.

Meulenkamp said that OLEDWorks has developed a way to double the brightness of OLED lights, through OLED stacking (with a driving voltage of 19-24V). The company is now working on ways to raise the amount of light that leaves the OLED, but did not go into detail.

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