ODHitec Looks for Distributors

ODHitec is a specialist display supplier from Korea that has been working on high brightness sunlight-readable technology and also transparent displays. It had an impressive demonstration of the ability of its special 3.5″ to 84″ displays to resist very high ambient brightness. The company adds special filters to its transflective displays and also changes the polarisers to optimise performance. It uses similar technology to optimise the transmissivity of its transparent LCDs.

The firm is working with fridge makers and can supply LCD fridges, fridge doors or kits. The company also was showing a transparent display that has enough transmission to act as a stand alone 47″ transparent display, with LEDs on the back of the unit to illuminate products and without needing a special box. The company told us that the technology depends on a special Light Guide Plate that it has developed. Finally, the company showed us a mirror display which seemed to use a beam splitter filter on the front of the 23″ unit which allowed use as a mirror when the display was powered down.

Although ODHitec has some distribution in Europe, including CDS in the UK, it is looking for other distributors.