Oculus Story Studio Founder Sees VR just at the Beginning

As reported by Polygon, Max Planck a veteran from Pixar Studios is comparing the development of VR content to the early years of cinema. He is drawing parallels on how the cinema industry was learning to use their new medium to its full potential. In a similar way, VR has to develop new ideas and methods to make the most out of the VR medium.

As he describes it, VR is at the same stage as very early movies. Money was paid for seeing something cool, and he believes that creating some shorter experiences for the VR platform will allow the content creators to learn how to create good content for this new platform.

Analyst Comment

I would add to his statement that good content can easily make or break a new technology. While first experiences are more about the wow effect, in the long run the content needs to be compelling without creating issues for the viewers. In this case the content creators have to develop a new way for cooperation and need to determine what type of content will be suitable for VR.

This adds to the question of the VR technology and its implementation in general. It is fair to say that not all VR headsets are created equal. Does this mean that one particular piece of content will work great on one headset, but not on another? There is still so much to be learned before VR can become a widely acceptable platform. – NH